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 Welcome to the last of the old style Winefullness Magazines. We don't change our format much, but we thought that with a couple of pieces of exciting news, it might be time to look at what we're doing, and how we can improve it.

 For the last four years we've been an online magazine that comes out every three months, and we've always tried to pack in as much detail as we could.

 From our next edition in September, we're going to be coming out every two months, with a slimmed down, but easier to digest, format. 

 We're still not sure if people manage to find reading an online magazine that is often around seventy traditional pages easy, and we hope that the new format will maintain quality, and be able to bring you more of the up-to-date stories, and news, we've been trying to find a way to include.

 This is a trial to see if it works. If it does, we keep it, and if it doesn't then we'll return back to what we've enjoyed producing in the past. It's a win-win for you!

 And now a couple more pieces of exciting news. We're already working on the third edition of our Winefullness calendar, and if you're eager to own a useful wall offering, with some beautiful vineyard photography, then get in touch and get your name down.

 A popular feature that has appeared regularly in Winefullness Magazine for the last couple of years is, 'The Tales From The Winefullness Armchairs', and I'm pleased to tell you that these, along with a collection of new and original stories have been compiled together, and will be out in October. That's more than enough time to buy your loved ones, friends, family and enemies a copy for Christmas.

 While I'm writing about Christmas, one of the stories will also appear in a book entitled, 'Sherlock's Tour'. This is a republishing of a diary I kept from the time I was The Secretary to Sherlock Holmes and toured America talking about my unusual job.

 You might wonder what this has got to do with 'Winefullness Magazine'' and I will tell you. It was on this very trip that I first visited the Napa Valley, and discovered a real interest in wine. 


 That's all for the future. What have we got for you in this edition of Winefullness Magazine?

 I was lucky enough to be on a wonderful press tour of the Asolo Region of northern Italy, where they make some fantastic Prosecco. In four articles I try to take you on a tour of the region, introduce you to some wonderful wines, and generally get you to book a trip there as soon as possible.

 I turn up at a spring tasting that was organised by the Waitrose Supermarket chain. Are the high standards of wine compromised, or maintained? Read on and find out.

 If it's Trafalgar Square, then it must be a visit to the Canadian High Commission, and an introduction to the growing strength of this interesting wine country.

 Last year, I didn't quite enjoy the London Wine Fair, and this year I've decided to give it another go. Take a look at my report on the event.

 We're getting all serious with a piece by a new contributor that we think is going to prove controversial. James Anthony has produced a piece about 'terroir' that claims 

it's of limited appeal, and of no use, to the average wine drinker.

 There are other Winefullness things on offer, but rather than rabbiting on about them here, we'd rather let you browse and enjoy yourself. As we enter our fourth incarnation since those far off days when we were a tiny single page blog, you'll see that we've got lots to offer, exciting wine times to share and reasons to celebrate still being one of the fastest growing online wine magazine in the world.

 September is going to be exciting, and as we enter a time that might lead towards us actually going monthly in a year or two, you'll see that we're setting the pace for greater wine variety than anywhere else!

Bye for now

Tony Harries

Editor of Winefullness Magazine

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