The Editor Speaks!
(try and stop him)


 Well, we're back, and as I write this piece I'm thinking about all the changes that will be taking place through the pages of Winefullness Magazine.

 The last time we decided to go in a different direction was about five years ago. This was when we decided to stop being an erratic blog and take on life as the online magazine you've hopefully enjoyed reading.

 The changes will be gradual, but will help the magazine to plot a course throughout the future. The first one you might notice is that the dates of publication have changed (September, December, March and June). This is because it seems to fit in with the viticultural year a lot easier and we can cover harvests, tastings, festivals and the like a lot easier and a lot more on time. 

 There will be other changes taking place but we're

going to leave those until March 2023. It does seem that when one changes there are casualties, and with Winefullness Magazine that means resting some of the regular features as we go in search of new possibilities. Of course, if you miss some of these then let us know because after all, this is your magazine and I'm your humble servant.

 Enough of the future, what little titbits are there to tickle your tastebuds and set your pulses racing in this issue? 

 I finally achieved one of my bucketlist ideas and paid a visit to Chateau d'Esclans. In the company of Tom Schreckinger (Communications Director) I tour the property, gain admission to the Chateau, try their wines and actually see the legendary 'Whispering Angels'. All very enjoyable, and all conducted under a beautiful Provence summer sky. 

 There also a visit to the marvellous Rhone region where I talk innovation with the people from Chapoutier and pop in to the Delas vineyard where I find the wines as welcoming as the people. If that isn't enough to excite you, I drive up to the Hermitage, travel the streets of Tournon-Sur-Rhone and spend time wondering why it's taken me so long to pay a visit.

 Whenever I visit the Napa Valley I always try to visit Stag's Leap Wine Cellars, and I feel honoured that the people from this famous producer have taken the time to answer a few questions about their history and their methodology.


 If that isn't enough for you then there are a number of reports from various tastings I've attended, and these have ranged from a California tasting not far from the sight of Jack the Ripper's infamous claim to fame, visits to the Canadian and South African High Commissions located on either side of Trafalgar Square. Certainly, a fitting location that was not let down by the wines on offer.

 The wine story in this issue takes us back to conversations overheard in an experimental vineyard that is located somewhere in Europe. This time a preening show-off gets his comeuppance.

 Once you've looked through this issue a couple of times, and hopefully, once again, enjoyed what is on offer you'll want to stick around because next year marks the sixth milestone since we grew from fifty readers for every issue to our current position as one of the most widely read online wine magazines. 

 For those of you who cannot get enough of their favourite online wine magazine, you'll notice that there's an advert for a Winefullness Magazine calendar for 2023. It's full of the sort of photography you enjoy, and we've kept it to a price that makes for a bargain.

Bye for now

Tony Harries

Editor of Winefullness Magazine