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The Editor Speaks!
(try and stop him)


 All Our Yesterdays is the title of this edition of Winefullness Magazine, but why?

 In preparation for this issue, and with a view to the possible direction that the magazine is starting to take, I looked over all that had gone before. This was to see if there were elements of the magazine that might need relaunching, and it was then that I realised that an underused asset were all the interviews that had been conducted since Winefullness Magazine was started. Looking over these 'chats', I felt a mixture of emotions and memories about the times they were conducted in (pre-Covid and just Post Brexit) the locations where they took place and the people who had been so kind with their times and their wines.

 It seemed a shame that they had appeared only once and were then left to gather dust. Some might be a few years old now, but I still felt there was a relevance to what was being said, and with this in mind I decided to feature some of my favourites in a new section entitled, 'All Our Yesterdays', and to start I've got four that I really enjoyed. I hope you'll enjoy reading them if you're new to the magazine, you'll enjoy rediscovering if you've been with us from the start. 

 2022 has been a hard year for Winefullness Magazine for a number of reasons, and there were times when I wondered if it was easier to give up than go on, but ultimately, that's not the Winefullness way, and I'm sure that as you look through the magazine you'll see that we're still bringing you the sort of stuff that has made us one of the fastest growing online wine magazines in the world.

 One of the reasons that things became a little difficult is the fact that we've started to move our headquarters to France, and if you've ever moved you'll know what a difficult time this can be. This is made a little bit more difficult because, for the next couple of years we'll be operating from Britain and France, and even with the internet helping out, there will be problems with time and location that we'll eventually overcome. Winefullness Magazine has always relied upon a relationship of honesty with its readers.

 Apart from revisiting epic interviews what else is there for you on our pages? I think that it's a voyage of discovery that takes us to the wines of Bardolino near the shores of Lake Garda, the Reuilly area of the Loire, before dropping in on a wonderful winemaker trying to work magic in Limousin, just west of Limoges.


 We've a couple of books to review from the Academie de Vin Library, and we're excited because the books they've sent so far have become reference works here at Winefullness Towers. It also helps that one is about Champagne, and the other is about the legendary Hugh Johnson. Why not find out what we think of them in our review section.

 Writing about reviews reminds me to tell you about the Rhone tasting I went to. An interesting selection of wines sampled in an interesting Mayfair location. It was so posh that my tastebuds had to watch their P's and Q's!

 In Britain we are living through trying times (not as trying as the poor people of the Ukraine of course) and there's a review of my search for bargain wines that one can get hold of in the various locations. I'll be checking if there are any bargains, and if so, can one stomach the wines on offer?

 There's yet another 'Tale From the Winefullness Armchairs', and I think that this is one that blends two of the loves of my life; wine and cats, and I hope that you'll enjoy this cautionary tale. 

 It's never too late (until February) to get yourself a new Winefullness Calendar and within the pages are details of how you can get your own slice of Winefullness for your wall.

 So, the evolution of Winefullness Magazine continues. It's all excitement here because we're working on something that we really hope you'll enjoy in the near future. We can't write about it at the moment, but we're bursting to tell you, so stick around...

Bye for now

Tony Harries

Editor of Winefullness Magazine

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