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 In this new section we offer you that little'Winefullness' extra that might be just what you need to make your wine world complete.

 Over time we'll be adding to our collection of Winefullness Magazine items, but first:

The Winefullness Magazine
Calendar 2023

 Last year we produced our first Winefullness Magazine calendar.

This beautiful limited edition (very limited) calendar (measuring 42cms by 29.5 cms) featured some of the quality photographs of various vineyards around the world that have been taken by Tony Harries and featured in the pages of Winefullness Magazine.

 These pictures have received praise and plaudits from people who know that Winefullness Magazine does it's best to bring you the highest quality wine photography. 

 With this in mind, we're bringing you the 2023 edition of the calendar which features lots of new, beautiful photographs from the world of wine, each accompanied by a suitable space to plan your wine year and remind yourself of those important dates like the birthday on Tony Harries! 


a copy of the 2022 calendar. The 2023 cover will feature in the next couple of weeks.


 If you wish to know more, or are interested in buying the 2023 calendar and would like to know as soon as it becomes available, please get in touch by sending us an email at: and mark it 'CALENDAR'.

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