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The Winewizard

It's a smart 3-in-1 Wine Aerator

 The cutting-edge technology of smart nano-oxygenation (NOX™) developed by Vinalchemy, enhances the taste, aroma, mouthfeel, and perceived age and value of wine. The revolutionary process of Winewizard's 3-in-1 technology increases the surface area of wine by an astonishing 10,000 times, infusing the perfect amount of oxygen into it, replicating the natural aging process in seconds.

 This patented combination of rebalanced air and increased surface area enables immediate interaction between the oxygen and essential compounds found in the wine, replicating the natural aging process that occurs over time in the bottle. As a result, the Winewizard aerator elevates the flavours, softens the tannins, and enhances the mouthfeel of the wine, truly unlocking its full potential and allowing it to become the wine it was destined to be.

 Michael Pritchard MBE, a well-known inventor from Essex, has created the world's first smart micro-oxygenation wine aerator, the Winewizard. This innovative gadget ages wine to perfection in seconds instead of years, revolutionising the wine industry.

 Pritchard spent two years developing the technology, testing it on hundreds of bottles of wine before filing his patents in November 2022. The 56-year-old inventor, known for his creation of the famous water filter, "The Lifesaver bottle," and his appearance on the popular television show Dragons Den, developed the Winewizard to overcome the challenges of aging wine by laying it down for many years before becoming drinkable. The device also addresses sulfite-induced wine headaches[i], a common problem that many wine enthusiasts face.

 Winewizard is also effective in reducing sulfite-induced wine headaches by neutralising sulfites and lowering their concentration, making it an ideal solution for wine enthusiasts who suffer from this issue.

Renowned wine merchants Mr. Wheelers Wines; founded in 1883 are one of the first wine merchants in the country to stock Winewizard.

 Winewizard launched to the world at 'The London Wine Fair' in Olympia, London, on the 15th-17th May 2023. The Winewizard works with red, white, and rosé wines and can aerate up to 80 bottles of wine. Replacement cartridges are also available, which are 100% recyclable forever.

Winewizard is currently available online at

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