Review 1


 Yet another addition to those informative bibles that lay claim to helping the lay person to become the expert. Is it any good, does it work, and is the cover too frivolous to draw in the sort of reader who wants to take their wine sipping serious?

 As I write this I've got the book in front of me and I'm still not sure about it. While I actually like it trying to demystify with cartoons, I find the cover is having the opposite effect and making it seem a little distant. I open to find out more.

 There's a jokey style that underpins the humour, and the small paragraphs mean that nothing seems to be too bogged down in the minimal or overwhelming detail.

 It aims to inspire confidence by making it seem as though we can all achieve improvement, and that the centre of our wine tasting universe lies with us. Maybe it's got a point.

 The instructions are simple to followed clear, although it does feel like one of those thick cardboard storybooks one gives to children when you don't trust them with books that might easily rip!

 The idea of scratching and sniffing actually take me back to my days as a punk rocker and I'm interested to see how this work when it comes to a book about wine tasting. I quickly find a picture of a pear and scratch and sniff. I getting a faint whiff of ripe pear. Exciting, but can this excitement last? The red fruit smells like red fruit, but then the black fruit still smelt like red fruit and I'm a little disappointed.

 I lay the book down on my desk, aware that the combating odours of various fruits are wafting up my nose, and I am just not sure who this book is aimed at. It's set-up seems dominated by a childish approach that doesn't draw me in, and I'm not sure if it's more than a joke present that one gives at Christmas (funny enough, this was when I acquired my copy).

 The layout seems babyish with big easy-to-understand headings and a paragraph of supportive writing that just doesn't seem to invite me to do more than rush through.

 At the end there's an 'easy' to understand map that seems to be easy, but I find that is lacks anything of interest beyond a curious look, and if you're thinking that it's not captured my interest then you'd be correct.

 I've reviewed so many wine books and looked through so many books on what to 'taste' in wine and this has got to rank as one of the worst. The look may seem approachable but I didn't find it inspiring or approachable. I think that whoever gets this books will read it and then put it down without going in search of anything more informative. If I'd have been given this book at the start of my wine journey I probably wouldn't have been writing this now (perhaps the author would be thankful for that!).