Besides all those wines that Winefullness Magazine has been tasting, there's the usual amount of wines that have been crossing our path. Here's a selection of what's been in our glass.

Chateau de Thauvenay

Les Vignes du Baron Blancs de Blancs Cremant de Loire Brut

 I found this little beauty at Costco and bought it just for a little drink when I got home. I've got say that I'm pleasantly surprised because this has a lot going for it.

 There is a citrus tartness at the beginning, but that quickly gives way to a creamy base. You'll also find lemon, pear and a brioche vibe running through the wine.

 The apples appear in the taste, along with stone fruit, minerals and I'm finding that it's a Goldilocks wine; neither too sweet, nor too dry.

4 out of 7

Louis Latour

Grand Ardèche Chardonnay 2018

 A great value wine from Burgundy that you should seek out. It's green apple, vanilla with aromas of butter and almond.

 The taste is stone fruit, brioche, pear, oak, slivers of pineapple and honey. Some of the Chardonnay's they make are rather insipid, but this is a fine example of what Louis Latour are capable of.

5.5 out of 7

Sine Qua Non

Mr. K Noble Man (Viognier) 2000


 I was lucky enough to taste this at Hedonism in London and it is such as shame that the wines of Sine Qua Non are either too expensive or too hard to come by because they just never let you down.

 This dessert wine might have a rather strange name, but I can assure you that their is nothing odd about what I'm tasting in the glass.

 The colour is like a beautiful gold treacle or caramelised sugar being poured over a toffee pudding and I'm fighting the urge to rush this wine.

 The nose continues the treacle feel and mixes it with barrel age. Then lets the fruit take you on a journey that leads past apple, apricot, brown sugar orange peel, baked apples, nuts, marmalade.

 There's a viscosity that means this wine has such a long get out, and very nice it is too.

6 out of 7

Cellier Des Princes

Hérose 2021

 The colour of copper and salmon.

 On the nose I'm getting cream and red fruit, particularly strawberry, redcurrant. There's a grassy meadow with hay and a hint of tomato plant.

 The taste is giving me vibrant red fruit, strawberry, red cherries and such a full mouthfeel.

 At the backend I'm getting green fruit (pear syrup)

 The get out was longer than I was expecting, and it's a wine with more body than Gypsy Rose.

5 out of 7


Pinot Blanc Alsace 2012

 Trimbach make the sort of wines I just love to open for fun. They are so complex but approachable, historic but of the moment and always consistently good.

 The floral nose gives me an earthy scent and it's accompanied by a zesty freshness.

 In the mouth you quickly get lemon, pear, white flowers, cream, cooked apples, oranges, honey and apricots.

 All of this rests on a bed of steely minerality that makes this wine really feel fresh, even after all these years.

6 out of 7