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 The title of this edition is 'Going Back, Going Forward' and I think that it's only fair to try and explain what it means to me.

 It's been six months since we last produced new content for Winefullness Magazine and this is due to a mixture of factors. One of which was the feeling that if we were to progress forward we needed to take a pause, think about what we've done in the past and how we can do it better in the future.

 In our five years Winefullness Magazine has been through a few changes. It started life as a joke bet made while waiting to go on a booze cruise to Calais. Online, it was a humble short blog about various areas of the wine industry that interested me.

 We next progressed to interviewing the great and the good of the wine world (something we still love to do) but the tone of Winefullness moved from a blog to an actual online magazine (although we still like to be a little frivolous). This worked so well that we were surprised by the speed with which we became one of the world's fastest growing online wine magazines.

 To move forward we are now making plans that involve growing the Winefullness name beyond the magazine, and though I really want to tell you I'm sworn to secrecy. We have looked back to allow ourselves to move forward!

 That's the future. With this edition the title refers to an almost return to normality when it comes to the various tastings to which Winefullness Magazine is lucky to have been invited.

 During the times of (don't make me say it) tasting seemed to be limited to either staying at home, or when restrictions were eased, going to a location where you would sit behind a large desk. The wines would be brought to you (I did enjoy the lack of cut and thrust when it came to attracting the pourer's attention).

 You'll see that in this edition the tastings are the central focus, and it's pleasing to see a return to the mass attendance at wine gatherings where people can meet friends; share views, experiences and whatever else might be of interest to them.  To me, we have gone back to go forward and I must say that I'm enjoying greatly.

 That isn't all that we have to offer you in this first edition of 2022 and we kick off with an interview with Carlo De Biasi, the leader of Cantina Toblino, one of Italy's finest co-operatives.


 The wines that they produce excited me so much that I just had to find out what was the philosophy that governed their production, and who better to chat to than Carlo, the head honcho!

 The 'Wine Trail' continues to wend its journey through the wine districts of the world and this time we stop off in Beaujolais to chat to Claire Chasselay from Domaine Chasselay. They have been producing wines for centuries and I found it interesting to hear how Claire copes with this weight of history. I hope that you will too.

 This edition also features a return to Dedham Vale Vineyard in Essex, United Kingdom. I'd all but given up on this winery, thinking that its best days were long behind it, but you'll see from my report and interview that this is a place with the potential to grow big in the future. You could say that it's a case of 'Going Back, Going Forward.'

 I mentioned a return to the tasting room, and this is the backbone of this edition. You'll find that Winefullness Magazine has attended quite a few of these to bring you the news of what is exciting us in the glass.

 There's Champagne, Australia, Rueda, Austria, IGP wines of France, Madrevite wines of Umbria and a short stop at the wonderful Château d'Esclans.

 Our review section is divided in two, featuring a wine detective story by Peter Mayle (the man behind 'A Year in Provence', and a humorous aid to wine tasting from America. Find out if we think that they're worth your attention and your money.


 In line with our new philosophy, this is only take one of this edition, and that means that over the coming weeks we'll be adding to the content. We've already got one or two additions to the tasting section ready, and there's a cracking 'Tale From the Winefullness Armchair'. It would be great to have your company.

Bye for now

Tony Harries

Editor of Winefullness Magazine