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 Read the Madrevite webpage and you get the usual words about connections to the land, history coursing through the property and tales of organic principles. Listen the Nicola Chiucchiurlotto (owner and winemaker) speak and you know that behind the words you read is a man who contains the sort of enthusiasm and ability that makes those very words on a page pop with honesty.

 He is a man who obviously loves working with the terroir and traditions that are at the heart of the wines of Madrevite. He says he is a dreamer, but isn't the very idea of producing something enjoyable from a vine the very stuff that dreams are made of.

 Madrevite is based in the beautiful Umbrian countryside by Lake Trasimeno, although there are lots of other lakes that help to maintain the correct temperatures to produce wonderful wine this is the most famous. If you add the clay soil that cuddles the vine roots then you see that conditions are just right to make the sort of wine that Nicola works hard at producing.

 The area has mild winters and warm summers, and this ensures the longevity of the vines and a beautiful ripeness of the fruit. The surrounding mountains give protection from the wind, and when Nicola was talking on a recent 'Zoom' call, it was obvious that he feels blessed by the conditions around him, but are his wines living up to their potential?

Futura 2020

 Only five years old. The normal harvest time is October and it started with a good acidity. The wine has a refreshing structure, a full-bodied taste with tropical elements and a hazy cloud that could prove off-putting, but don't let it! 

 The mousse is a medium length, and the nose reveals ripe, creamy green fruit.

 I tasted tropical (banana, mango) lemon, citrus, apple tart and a lively smoky feel. Not bad start to proceedings

3.5 out of 7


Il Reminore 2020


 Lemony, Sauvignon Blanc type of wine. Quite a steely/silky taste (flint), hints of almonds, dry, chalky, minerals, lime behind a deep lemon/gold colour.

 A nose of floral, earthy, stone, pungent fruit and autumn meadow.

 The taste is of lovely growing green fruit with hints of citrus and marble. Easy to drink with ageing potential.

4.5 out of 7

La Bisbetica Rosé


 Fresh summer wine that is fragrant, elegant expressive. The grapes were picked in September and I think this helps it to stay youthful and saline. I'm now noticing that the colour is almost orange.

 In the bottles there's a heavy sediment quality that shouldn't affect your enjoyment.

 The nose produced fresh red fruit that had a delicacy that needed coaxing a little bit. Perhaps it felt worried next to the stone floor that is bold in this wine.

 The taste was soft velvety, approachable, strawberry, raspberry, tangerine.

5.5 out of 7


Opra 2020


 There's a salinity connected to savoury Mediterranean herbs, and a host of interesting odours including: black cherry, cherry and balsamic.

 In the mouth you get soft tannins with almost cinnamon spice staring at you. 

 Red/dark fruit, black pepper, green shoots and cream, raspberry fruits are dancing merrily away.

 Take your time when tasting this wine and you'll get a rich treacle and oak, dark fruit. liquorice, zingy tannins, blackberry. cherries and blueberries.

4 out of 7


(Gamay del Tasimeno Riserva 2019)

 This was so enjoyable, and out of the wines I tasted I thought that this was his best. I'm in good company because so does the winemaker.  

 There's carbonic maceration coursing through the veins of this wine and I'm getting floral notes, a full dish of berries that include raspberry and strawberry. Hang on a minute and say hello to Mr. Spice.

 When I tasted I got balsamic flavours mixing with cherry, dark notes, violets, dark plum. It's been aged in oak and cement, and I believe there is a low yield so that's me telling you that it won't be around long before it's gone.

6 out of 7


 The strength of Madrevite is in the depth and quality of its wines. I found that even those I graded as the weakest, were still of suitable character that I would recommend them to drink.

 Where this winery is making great strides is in the tasting profiles of some of the Gamay based offerings, which I really found to be interesting and great representations of the winemaker's art.

 The Cosa just blew me away and the fruit profile of this wine was so large that each sip revealed something fresh and interesting. If you get the chance to chat with Nicola I would advise it without reservation. If you want to make the experience unforgettable them sip some of his wine while you do it.